About the Couple

Kirsten & Scott met while studying at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. They shared an interest in design and video production, and regularly worked together through classwork and club activities. The couple became very close while working together on a documentary in the spring of 2007. The late nights spent editing their project turned into milkshakes at the Lake Effect Diner, and later into movie dates.

Shortly after, Kirsten graduated and moved back home with her parents just outside of Philadelphia. They continued to date long-distance while Scott continued his education at Canisius. Following his graduation, the couple moved into an apartment together in West Philadelphia. Kirsten had secured work as a web designer at a company in Center City, while Scott worked a series of part time jobs before finding a position as a motion graphics designer in one of the northern suburbs.

Both Kirsten and Scott continually work to support each other’s interests and career goals. Scott joined Kirsten as a media coach for a high school robotics team that Kirsten has been involved with since her time in high school. Kirsten continually assists Scott on his video shoots for various bands throughout the region.

The couple currently lives with their 2 cats, Slash & Gizmo, in a home they recently purchased in Ambler, PA. They are planning a honeymoon trip to Maine, where they road-tripped when they first started dating.

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