Four Days

It’s four days until our wedding! Wow, time has flown by and so much has happened in the last month!

Scott & I each had our respective “parties” on September 24th. Scott trekked up to the great B-lo to party it up with his groomsmen, family, and friends while I had a sleepover with my bridesmaids in Ambler!

My bridal shower was at the Quakertown Train Station which is where my college graduation party was held. I was pretty much positive my mom had chosen this location – she is a creature of habit. ­čÖé We also had the same caterer and boy was I glad I had convinced my mom to do hot food – it was fabulous! If anyone needs a caterer you should definitely check out Social Tea. I was so happy to see people that I hadn’t seen in quite awhile and had never before received so many, and such large, presents at one time! Thank you to everyone who came out!

After the bridal shower the bachelorette party commenced. We started off at my house with the moms and my bridesmaid Kim playing bartender. She knows how to whip up some mean drinks and pretty soon it was time to leave to go downtown! My mom graciously drove us girls down to Encore in Philly where we partied it up and shaked our booties.

From what I hear, Scott’s best man and brother, Phil, put on a great party at his firehall in Wheatfield. I know Scott had fun (and so did my dad!) but Scott will have to fill in those details more himself.

So its the Wednesday before the wedding and how am I feeling? Ugh, stressed! I still need to write my vows (uh oh) and am still waiting to hear back from our photographer on what he thinks our day’s schedule should be. Gah!!! Also, apparently our DJ has questions for me and I’m just so done with answering questions from people. Never did I think planning a wedding would include such├é┬áminutiae├é┬áof details (How are the parents going to walk in? When? To what music? Do I really care? No! Just do something!).

What I’m most looking forward to though is seeing all of our friends from far and wide. We have people coming in from South Dakota, Florida,├é┬áTennessee, Kentucky, Texas, New York City, and, of course, Buffalo. It means a lot to us that everyone is making an effort to come together!

See you Saturday!!!

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