The Bridal Party

Maid of Honor: Jennifer Eberhart

Jen, or “Big Red” as she’s more commonly known, has been a common friend since college. Her collegiate interests included TV production and video editing which meant she spent a lot of time trapped in the editing lab with Scott & Kir.

Jen holds the record for number of Video Institute projects completed at Canisius College, including the South India documentary which was produced with Scott in 2007.

Despite numerous attempts at hooking her up with friends, Jen is enjoying the life of a single, young grad student in NYC. Rumor has it she’s developed an interest in collecting phone numbers at bars throughout Manhattan.

Kim Majewski

Kim is known for being the crazy one of the bunch. Interests include bar volleyball leagues and yelling while Scott is trying to sleep.

While in college, Kim, Jen, Kirsten and Scott spent an inordinate amount of time in the TV studio together, although it’s safe to say that not all of those hours were focused totally on production.

One interesting note: Kim pushed Scott into asking Kir out back in the day.

Best Man: Philip Richardson

Ladies and gentlemen, let me give you fair warning…I can’t promise the best man’s speech will be appropriate, and my best guess is that it will be quite embarrassing.

Phil is Scott’s older brother and has long adopted the practices associated with brotherly love: leaving bruises, verbal harassment and the occasional event of buying Scott drinks until he can no longer stand (Hint, it doesn’t take very many). That said, he’s always been there when needed, especially at 2-am when you’ve let your car collide with…well, that’s another story completely.

Eric Richardson

Eric is the youngest brother of the family, but, certainly not the runt. He also shared in his duties to harass Scott throughout childhood, although occasionally revenge was taken (remember the time I soaked you with kool-aid on vacation?)

Eric and Scott shared not only a room, but, also an admiration for obscure music while growing up, which Eric has carried on to this day.

Jim Richards

Despite the similar last name, Jim is no relation to the family. Instead, he’s a friend from college, well, a college, well, actually…several colleges. It’s safe to say that Jim and Phil were competing at one point to see who could stay in college longer.

Jim has been there since the beginning of Scott & Kir’s relationship, and probably knows way more about it than anyone should.

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