One Month To Go!

Omg! One month to go until the big day! I just realized that as I opened up this post to start writing. I feel as if I may faint now – so much to do!

So what’s been going on lately? Well, I’ve turned in to a mail maniac! When I get home each day I immediately stick my head down our mailbox looking for little purple envelopes. So far so good though – most people have returned them but I’m kind of shocked at the results. We invited 120 people but have only just breached 80. And its not even that a lot of people can’t make it – its also due to the fact that a lot of people we gave +1’s to aren’t bringing any! Ah! Well, less people to pay for I guess. 😉 What? That’s the reality of it, lol.

What else has been arriving on my doorstep each day? Wedding presents! Its so weird getting presents before the wedding – kind of like Christmas every day! This must be the thing to do though nowadays since people can easily just look at our registries (on Target and Crate & Barrel by the way) and just order and ship with no hassle whatsoever. Also, am I supposed to be opening them or waiting? I have no idea. Either way, I’m not telling you what I’m doing with them. 😛

So today should be really fun. We’ve finally nailed down a date to do “engagement” photos with our wedding photographer. I put “engagement” in quotes though as I feel we’ve been engaged for awhile and therefore I shouldn’t call them that. Who does engagement photos a month before their wedding anyway? Also, you’re probably thinking, “Didn’t they already do engagement photos?”. Well, the answer is “yes” but I wasn’t super pleased with them AND our wedding photographer threw in a free session if we booked with him by the end of 2010 so we figured, “why not?”. We also see this as a great opportunity to work with our wedding photographer since we have yet to meet face to face. I’m very very excited and all “dolled up” (as my mom would say) for my day at work. My coworkers are probably like, wow, overkill, but its cool. Now, let’s just pray the rain holds off!

The shower, bachelor, and bachelorette parties are next weekend. My ring is being engraved and is awesome. The wedding officiant surveys have been completed. What next? Oh yeah, a huge long list…

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