It’s 2011 Already!

It’s 2011 already and much has changed since September. Scott & I have decided to move our wedding date *up* and so now instead of 05/12/12 we’re looking at a 10/15/11 hitch date. So hence, 2011 is a very important year!

Scott & I have been a little busy as of late with moving in to our new house and the holidays and all. We managed to get quite a few things done though in the last month. We have now booked the officiant, dj, & photographer. Major things remaining include: flowers, dress, cake, and a zillion other things. If you talk to Scott though he’ll tell you that “all of the major stuff is done,” lol. I disagree.

Our photographer included a free engagement session if we booked before the end of 2010, and, even though Scott & I already have engagement photos, we’re going to do another session so we get an opportunity to work with the guy who is going to be stalking us on our wedding day. We also weren’t super pleased with our last altercation with our previous engagement photographer (it took forever to get the original files, lots of threatening, and ultimately, I didn’t get all of the files I wanted). But now we need to think about where we want to have them taken since we won’t be in Buffalo! Hmm…

The wedding party is also down pat. As of last night we have on Scott’s side: his brother Phil, his brother Eric, and our mutual friend, Jim. On my side we have our mutual friends Jen and Kim! Overall, we’re going to have an awesomely fun bridal party and I can’t wait to spend even more time with these people!

This past weekend Scott & I went for our first cake tastings. We’re purposefully scheduling a lot (so far I scheduled four but we could do more!) because Scott thinks this will be the best part about planning, haha. Our first weekend was a little bit disappointing though. One vendor had great cake but we were concerned about their presentation abilities. One vendor had great presentation but the taste was a little “meh.” We were also just kind of in sticker shock after the weekend too as both vendors didn’t even come within our planned budget for this part of the wedding. We’re not giving up though as we have two more tastings this Saturday.

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