My First Bridal Show

The Sunday after the NYC dress shopping extravaganza I had signed up for a Lehigh Valley Bridal Show that was being thrown by a local radio station. On the way back from NYC, Scott informed me that he did not want to go, so, after retracing our steps a bit, my mom and I decided to go at it alone.

When we arrived at the Holiday Inn where it was located it was packed! It was even hard to find a parking spot that was close enough to the door so we just kind of planted the Camry next to this other car and started a new row.

Upon entering I was a little afraid. These very excited women took my name (“Omg, did you preregister? Excellent!”) And then it was off to the races. If I went to every booth and got every square filled out I’d be entered in to their raffle. Since I had no intention of staying until their raffle I promptly discarded of the sheet deep within my bag. Little did I know that it would haunt me the rest of my stay because everyone just wanted to sign my sheet when what I really wanted to know about was their services!!!

So my mom and I went around. Everyone was really nice. I saw two of the cake places that Scott & I had tried and discretely ignored them (we’re not going with them so it would have been awkward) and quickly devoured any other cake that was in our way. We promptly discovered that my original winner of cake tasting, Merry’s Cakes, was still, by far, the best cake out of all of them.

We also spoke with one woman from a table linens place (good thing she was there or I’d have never remembered to put that on my to do list) and also a nearby salon just for fun. Since I was really here to research flower places I was a bit disappointed to find only one flower place in the whole show! It was a father-son business though and the son I talked to was really nice so we might as well start our search with them. They sound rather well equipped as well, stating that they have a warehouse where you can see absolutely anything and everything you want before ordering so I thought that was cool.

One of the highlights of the day was when I walked in to the main room of the show. There, lit on the ceiling via gobo, were the words “Kirsten & Scott”. It was sooooo weird! I tracked down the vendor (some sort of entertainment company) and they thought it was funny too. And then of course promptly tried to sell stuff to me.

All in all the show was nice because I got to do 3 things:
1) Talk to my dj again, who after a slight nudge, remembered exactly who I was and the correct pronunciation of my name
2) Confirmed that, indeed, my cake will be the best cake of all time
3) Got a lead on a flower place

Not a bad day but it was probably just as well that Scott didn’t come because he probably would have been overwhelmed!

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