Ah, April

Soooo, this month signified 6 months left till the wedding on 4/15! It was a crazy thought. I was actually only reminded of this fact when an e-mail came in on that day from theknot.com saying “6 Months Until The Big Day!” and I was like, oh, damn. And then of course when Scott got home I proceeded to rub it in his face that he hadn’t remembered. Mwahahahaha.

So April has been pretty chill in terms of wedding planning. We booked our flower vendor (sent out the check last week) and probably have a few straggling save the dates to send out but I’m kinda lazy/working on robotics all the time right now.

I leave for St. Louis next week and the day I touch down in Philly we have to high tail it up to Stroudsburg to meet with our cake place and design our cake. Should be fun if not a tad exhausting. The week after that we are on our way to Russia for 10 days! Should be a crazy time but after we get back we’re going to have to get on those invitations!

Stay tuned!

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