Groom View Part Two

Any hopes for a regular update from the groom should have died by now, but, since I promised Kir I would write tonight, I’m holding up my promise.

What’s been happening in the world of SKIR wedding planning lately? Well, Kir has been purchasing crazy amounts of accessories for her dress, rehearsal outfit and apparently even a dress for the morning-after breakfast (I personally plan on showing up in my pajamas). Everyday more little packages show up at our door! The worst part is when I have ordered some fancy new toy and get excited to see the FedEx man, only to realize Kir has ordered some new surprise instead.

Anyway, the excitement of a young twenty-something soon-to-be-groom continues… lately it’s been mulling over our fabric swatches to make sure the tuxes match the bridesmaid dresses, which will match the tablecloths, which will match the flowers, and so on. Which brings me to my next point…tuxes. They are rented, although renting them 5 months in advance still seems a little crazy to me.

Next up is the wedding invitations, which Kir wrote some killer text for, so, now we just have to pick out the paper and design the darn thing!

I’m also in the planning stages for a little surprise that everyone will see come the wedding.

So, we continue to keep busy amongst our crazy domestic and international travel schedule this year (it would be fun to add up Kir and I’s mileage traveled come the end of the year), but, the wedding plans continue!

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