Invitation Design!

A lot of people I talk to are wondering when we’re going to be sending out our wedding invitations. Well, we’ve been kind of busy and had really really big plans for our invitations. These “really really big plans” spring from us both being designers and thinking that we could design a super kick-ass invitation. This kind of build up, however, breeds an insane amount of procrastination. And so, here we are, 2.5 months almost till the wedding, designing our invitations.

But never fear! They are done now! And I can say with utterly full confidence that they are “super kick-ass”, designed by both of us, and quite frankly, the best wedding invitation you’ve ever seen in your life. They are not, however, put together yet as I am waiting on some paper to come in that I initially ordered the wrong weight of. Whoops. :-X

My original goal was to have these out August 1 but with the misordered paper and now a full weekend on both mine and Scott’s parts (he’s going to Des Moines, I’m going to Scranton) they may be a few days later than August 1.

But to tide all of you avid fans over, here is a sneak peak at the invitation!

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