More Wedding Progress: Dress Fitting, Hair, Invitations

This weekend was a very productive weekend for one, Kirsten Jahn.

On Saturday I had my second dress fitting up at Alfred Angelo in Allentown, Pa. The seamstress there had taken in 1.5″ to the bodice and had wrestled my bustle in to place. The way she did this was so ingenious too! I go back on September 22nd for the last fitting in which she will have done the hem line and it will have been steamed and cleaned! Yay! I should be able to take it home that day too.

I also need to tell everyone that I officially have my wedding shoes. I thought I already had my wedding shoes but then I found even better wedding shoes. 🙂 All I can say is that they are awesome, match perfectly, and yeah, are pretty much awesome.

Continuing on my Saturday, I went from Alfred Angelo to the Holiday Inn Express in Easton. I had never been there before because my future in-laws had arranged the whole hotel block and I must say, they did a great job! The hotel is so much nicer than I expected a normal Holiday Inn to be and is so new! The people there were really nice and didn’t even charge me to upgrade my room on Friday night so I wouldn’t have to move my stuff from one room to another the day of my wedding. Awe-some.

After the hotel scouting mission I had a 12:15 pm appointment at a salon in the area for a wedding consultation. The place is so convenient – it is literally like 3 minutes from the hotel. Great! The women there were super super nice and their establishment was really top notch. The prices reflected a bit of the awesome-ness but I am willing to deal because I know I am in competent hands and will be getting what I want. My consultation went well and my stylist, Laura, even did my hair the way she would that day but a bit quicker and less OCD. I have an appointment there at 9.15 am on the big day to get hair and makeup done!

Also this weekend, a lot of progress was made on the invitations. I’m kind of on my own in this area for two reasons: 1) Scott is a little sickly lately and can’t really help and if he did he wouldn’t last long and 2) I’m so OCD that I won’t let anyone touch them except maybe one person (my ma!).

So anyways, I now have FOUR completed invites. They need response cards and then to be mailed but I’m not going to do any mailing until I finish all of the other ones! I will be continuing my work this evening and it should be smooth sailing from here on out. I am going to run out of paper at some point though so those of you who are in the wedding party or are close family will be getting your invites last just because you already know all the details and better have your hotel booked already, etc!

Here is the carnage of invitation assemblage (see below). Of course, no Sunday would be complete without a little Ice Road Truckers and then Top Gear US was on after!

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