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As Kir mentioned in her previous post, I’ve been a little out of commission lately, but, I’m glad to finally be feeling better! So, what’s been going on as I’ve been wasting away on the couch? Lots!

Kir has been going nuts on our invitations! The invitation design is something we’ve been discussing over the course of the past year, so, to see it finally designed and printed is great! I can honestly say that they look awesome and I think people will have fun reading them. Currently Kir is finishing up the final touches, and as soon as we buy some postage, we’ll be set to send them out.

What else has been happening lately? Lots of party planning. Jen and Kir’s mom spent some time hammering out details for the bridal shower and getting those invitations sent. I’ve also heard talk of a bachelorette party although I may never know what happens there.

Speaking of, my brother Phil has been working on plans for my stag party and I received my ticket in the mail today. I’m not sure whether to be excited or scared for what he’s got in mind.

Time is starting to tick down, it’s just over 2 months until the wedding and it’ll start feeling like fall before we know it. The summer heat has broken and the Eagles are already on my TV, so be sure to keep an eye on your mailbox for our invitations and think about booking your hotel room to get the discounted rate!

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